Business ADSL bundle plans with all the extras.


For just $89.99/mth our ADSL Business Bundle comes with UNLIMITED DATA, phone line rental and unlimited phone calls to Australian numbers in Australia. Choose a 24-month contract for an enjoy FREE activation and a FREE nbn™ ready Wi-Fi modem.


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Check out these included features


Dedicated account manager

We’ll give you your own Exetel account manager. So you can speak to the same helpful person, whenever you need assistance with your account.

Anytime downloads

Unlike many other internet providers we don’t split your download allowance between peak and off peak times periods. If you choose a capped plan, we give you 100% of your allowance to use whenever you choose to use it.

Free uploads

We don’t count your uploads in your monthly data quota. Only your downloads count. So your uploads are all free.

Short contract terms

Choose between a 12 or 24-month contract. If you choose 24 months you’ll pay no activation fee.

30 Free email addresses

That’s a lot of email addresses. More than enough to cover most small businesses.

Free Website Hosting (1GB)

We’ll host your website (up to 1GB) for FREE. Website hosting is included in your plan cost.

Free public static IP address

Great if you want to host your own email server or provide remote access to your staff for VPN use or remote cloud access to your CRM.

FREE nbn™ ready VoIP modem

Choose a 24-month contract on an unlimited plan and receive a FREE nbn™ ready VOIP compatible modem.

Low excess quote charge

Once you’ve hit your monthly allowance, excess usage is charged at the low rate of $0.001/MB ($1/GB). And you can always upgrade your plan at any time.

Free email hosting

The cost of hosting your emails is included in the cost of your plan.

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