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For many businesses connecting certain sites with terrestrial cables can often be impossible, too hard, too slow or just too expensive. That’s where our Fixed Wireless Ethernet service come in.


Fixed Wireless Ethernet can deliver the speed, security and reliability you need to almost any geographic location. And because it is quick and easy to set up, it is a great way to ensure your network can grow with your business.

Exetel can deliver business grade Fixed Wireless Ethernet with speeds from 1 – 1000 Mbps and a guaranteed level of up-time at 99.95% Service Level Agreement

Business Ethernet in a flash

A SIMPLE SOLUTION. Connecting is QUICK & easy

Connect multiple locations quickly and easily

Exetel can tailor a Fixed Wireless solution that meets the unique needs of your business and the sites in which you operate.

Whether you need point-to-point connectivity, or point-to-multipoint we deliver a solution that has the highest level of security and flexibility. Let us show you how we can create a future-proof network in less time, for less cost with Fixed Wireless Ethernet.

Add disaster recovery to your primary network

The great thing about Fixed Wireless Ethernet is that it can be deployed in many different ways. You can either build your primary network with Fixed Wireless or use it as a temporary solution for a specific site or event. Many businesses use it use it as a backup network to cover for natural disaster recovery or terrestrial cable outages.

However you use Fixed Wireless you can be sure your staff and customers will enjoy the benefit of reliable and fast symmetrical network connectivity without the lag or contention issues.

Support business critical applications including cloud-based apps.

Connecting is easy. To connect a site, we simply organise for a radio transceiver to be installed on your building. This transceiver is connected to the Fixed Wireless Ethernet network via a high-speed wireless connection beaming your encrypted business data through the air to our core network and beyond.

The service allows your critical business applications, staff and customers to enjoy business-grade, high-speed internet with symmetrical upload and download speeds wherever and whenever it is needed.

As a microwave service, Exetel Fixed Wireless Ethernet uses both class-licensed and apparatus-licensed radio spectrum with superb encryption and security features. These features provide your business with the highest level of reliability, performance and security available.

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Your 99.95% service level agreement

Our commitment to keeping you operational

Service Type
Service Level Guaranteed
Service Availability
The availability of the connection between the customer router/modem and the Exetel network.
Exetel will ensure that service availability is no less than 99.95%.
Response Time To Acknowledge Service Fault
The time it takes Exetel to acknowledge a problem exists.
Exetel will ensure that any email or phone call received advising Exetel of a “line out” problem will be acknowledged and logged within 60 minutes.
Time To Restore A Line Out Service
The time it takes Exetel to re-activate the service.
Exetel will guarantee that it will re-activate a line that has dropped out within 4 hours of the problem being logged.

Credit for outage.
Your guarantee.

Exetel will provide you with a designated service up time per calendar month basis. In the event that we do not deliver the service covered under the SLA at the level(s) guaranteed then a schedule of rebates of the monthly access fee will apply.

Outage Guarantee

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