Big business VoIP on a little budget



If you’re looking to reduce your call costs, increase flexibility and maximise your productivity, then switching your organisation to Exetel Business VoIP is an easy win.


Our Unlimited Business VoIP plan provides your organisation with UNLIMITED calls at a super-low price. You will also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are covered by our Business Grade VoIP Service Level Agreement and Guarantee.


Business VoIP can be implemented as a standalone solution or integrated into a total Voice Solution that meets your every need.

USC-5: A super-value unlimited call plan


100 DID numbers
12-month contract
5 channels (used for inbound & outbound)
UNLIMITED local & national calls – INCLUDED
UNLIMITED calls to Australian mobiles- INCLUDED
UNLIMITED calls to 13/1300 numbers – INCLUDED

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Pack option Description Monthly access Total min. cost
DID10 Additional 10 DIDs $4.00 $4.00
DID100 Additional 100 DIDs $40.00 $40.00
Local number portability class Fee
Category A : Single PSTN without complex services $15.00
Category C: Complex port 1 to 100 number range $400.00
Category C: Complex port resubmit # 1 to 100 number range $300.00


# Category C: Complex ports that require a resubmission due to incorrect Wholesale Account Number or Incorrect Details as provided by the customer, are subject to resubmission Port-in-Fee

Better Service Agreement. Greater Peace Of Mind.


Many providers don’t offer a service level guarantee and can leave their business clients waiting longer than 36 hours to resolve a fault. With an Exetel Service Level Agreement, when a problem occurs the fault is defined and resolved within the timeframe set by your agreement.


Our SLA and pricing vary so you can choose the level of cover that is right for your business depending on your operational reliance on the internet. Our target fault response time is 1 hour. Our target restoration time is 4 hours.

Service Type Definition Service Level Guaranteed
Service Availability The availability of the connection between the customer router/modem and the Exetel network. Exetel will ensure that service availability is no less than 99.95%.
Response Time To Acknowledge Service Fault The time it takes Exetel to acknowledge a problem exists. Exetel will ensure that any email or phone call received advising Exetel of a “line out” problem will be acknowledged and logged within 60 minutes.
Time To Restore A Line Out Service The time it takes Exetel to re-activate the service. Exetel will guarantee that it will re-activate a line that has dropped out within 4 hours of the problem being logged.

Credit for outage.
Your guarantee.


Exetel will provide you with a designated service up time per calendar month basis. In the event that we do not deliver the service covered under the SLA at the level(s) guaranteed then a schedule of rebates of the monthly access fee will apply.

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