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Today, winning as a team in business demands a different way of working together. Today’s successful team is fully empowered and supported with the right communication, information and collaboration platform.

A platform that is easy to deploy and use. One that is faster, more connected, more intuitive, more global, more mobile and provides full analytics and control. A platform such as Banter™ by Exetel.

The power of Banter™

Tools to deliver a brilliant user experience to your team

Mobile Banter™

Mobile Banter™ is a native client application powered by an integrated Cloud PBX, FMC and UCC platform. Mobile Banter is super-intuitive and very easy to use. The app revolutionizes the way your people handle their business communications while in the office or when they are on the go. It enables end-users to benefit from innovative business cloud communications services on their smartphone (Android & iOS).


myBanter is available from any type of terminal (PC, tablets, smartphones iOS & Android, etc.) and allows users to quickly and simply access features such as rules management (groups, forwarding and services), directory, unified messaging and presence.

Banter™ Collab

Banter™ Collab is a professional video conferencing and collaborative work solution allowing corporate users to organize remote video meetings with screen sharing regardless of the location and the terminal used (PC, Phone, iOS Smartphone and Android). Additional fees and charges apply for Banter™ Collab.

Banter™ CRM

Banter™ CRM allows the integration of telephony into any CRMs (Salesforce, SAGE) It enables the user to make a call in one click and have client’s information popping up on incoming calls to increase productivity. Additional fees and charges apply for Banter™ CRM.

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Better management of services

Stay on top of all essential processes


myTelephony is a simplified management portal enabling, on one hand, enterprises to be independent and on the other, for operators to be more efficient in managing their customers’ base.

It allows, in particular, the management of users (extensions and assigned terminals), PSTN numbers, groups, departments, sites, call rules, audio announcement, waiting music, conference-bridge and auto attendant.


myRecordings is an easy to use web-based interface granting users the display of the recorded calls.

The recordings can be played back in a browser, or downloaded in common formats (MP4, OGG, AU) for subsequent usage.

Innovative FMC & UCC Features

CRM Integration
(additional charge)
Instant Messaging
Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC)
Voicemail to Email
Unified Contacts
Video Conference with screen and file sharing
(additional charge)

Your team will enjoy great functionality

Easy-to-use collaboration tools and applications

Banter™ allows your team to choose the most powerful way to communicate and share information depending on how, where and with whom they need to collaborate.

With Banter™ you can instantly switch from a voice call to a video-call and back again, and share desktops all with just one click.

Stay connected as a team

Not matter where the job takes your team, they can all enjoy the freedom to connect and collaborate whenever they need. In the office, across the city or overseas, they can now work as one connected and empowered group.

With Banter™ it doesn’t matter where you are or what device you choose, connecting with your team is super-easy. Team members can use their choice of mobile phone, tablet or laptop to connect. Banter™ has it covered.

Super-easy to use

The Banter™ user-experience has been designed to make everything super-easy and super-intuitive. All users, regardless of the fixed or mobile device they prefer, experience the same simple, consistent interface.

Greater mobility. Greater power

Banter™ provides your team with enterprise level telephony functions and state-of-the art collaboration features on any smart phone or tablet.

Users who prefer to use their smart phone can place and receive business calls from fixed line phones and roam between mobile networks and Wi-Fi. They can easily transfer calls from mobile to a desk phone and vice versa.

One low fee per user

You get all this functionality

With Banter™ you can quickly create an exciting and productive real-time working environment for your team. Great communication encourages everyone to participate and contribute.

Banter™ makes it easy with a powerfully simple and consistent collaboration experience for all users no matter where they are or what device they use.

As a hosted solution, your staff stay connected with the latest collaboration applications and tools.

Banter™ features include:

  • Advanced enterprise-level telephony features to power up voice communications
  • Voice mail. Included unified messaging to bring voice messages into a user’s email platform
  • Rapidly locate and connect with contacts with presence
  • Integrated chat and instant messaging functionality
  • Fixed-mobile convergence and single number reach allowing effortless transfer of calls between desk and mobile
  • Integrate with desktop applications enabling features such as click to call, presence and instant messaging
  • Advanced web and audio-conferencing features
  • Powerful mobile app making sure your team are always connected and ready to collaborate
  • Integration with CRM platforms such as SalesForce. Additional charges apply.

The business benefits of Banter™

Saves time. Saves money

Powered by Opex

As a hosted and user-licenced platform, Banter™ is funded by your operational expenditure budget. The need for upfront capital expenditure is significantly reduced.

A simple, predictable monthly fee per-user gives you far greater certainty and visibility over your total communication costs.

Easily scalable

As your business grows or changes, Banter™ can change with you. You can rest assured knowing you can cost-effectively and quickly deploy the latest communication and collaboration tools to meet the needs of your evolving business.

Stay up to date with the latest features

As a hosted solution, Banter™ allows you to deploy the latest feature upgrades instantly across all users. Your IT team will love the fact that all users, across all locations are on the same page. And can always be kept up to date.

Greater control

Banter™ gives you complete, real-time visibility of your communications activity and costs. The platform management console provides complete control over usage and costs. Adding users, moving people and making changes are all much easier when you have command.

The voice and data experts

Exetel have been servicing the voice and data needs of growing Australian businesses since 2004. Our Unified Communications team will make sure your Banter™ platform is up and running with a minimum of fuss. And our specialist UC support team are on hand whenever you need a helping hand.