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Remember 2004?


It was the year we first liked Facebook and the final episode of “Friends” hit the small screen. It’s also the year we first started selling VoIP voice solutions to Australian businesses.


Today we have over 120,000 active VoIP end points on our network. So you can be confident that when you talk to our VoIP team, they have the experience and products to support your business, no matter what the size.

It’s time to get your VoIP on



Now is the time to get ahead of the game. It’s time to leave behind the steam-powered voice systems of yesteryear and ring in the power of VoIP. We can help you discover a whole new world of flexible, elegant and scalable voice solutions, with easy to understand plans tailored to your business.

VoIP for Small Business


One simple $29.99 monthly fee per handset covers your handset, unlimited calls to Australian numbers and your Cloud PABX system.

VoIP for Bigger Businesses


Empower your organisation with a low cost per call, high performance VoIP solution. Each plan includes a total of 100 outbound channels, 100 Direct in Dial Numbers, a Corporate Grade Service Level Agreement and lots of included call value. Plans from $200/mth.


Unified Communications


Today, winning as a team in business demands a different way of working together. Today’s successful team is fully empowered and supported with the right communication, information and collaboration platform.



What’s so great about our VoIP?


Totally flexible

Add or subtract. Move or stay. Big budget or small. Same place or different. One location or many. We have the plan for you. Our 100% flexible VoIP solutions have the power to fit your business. Like hand. Meet glove.

Fully scalable

Let’s get you tapped in to the power and freedom of the cloud as you seamlessly expand or contract operations. Add new licenses, open a new office, or scale back. You’re in full control.

‘Pay as you grow’ pricing

This is such a simple idea. You only pay for what you need as you expand your business. Or scale back. You know exactly what you’re paying, every step of the way.

Slash your phone bill

Our VoIP plans are a great way to dramatically reduce the cost of your business talk.

Master of your domain

Managed and configured remotely, our easy-to-use management tools and smart technology make it a breeze to onboard new users and keep track of your calls and productivity.

Simple contracts

Our contracts are simple and straightforward and our friendly customer service teams won’t baffle you with tech-talk and jargon (unless you want it, of course).

Redundancy and resiliency

Built for disaster recovery, making it easier to route calls if needed. Touch wood.

Cloud Based PABX


Our Exetel cloud phone system offers the very latest in phone functionality, but without the expensive upfront system costs. It also gives you incredibly attractive monthly rates. Switching to a cloud based PABX means you can upgrade to a state-of-the-art phone system AND dramatically reduce your spend on telecommunications.

Better 13/1300/1800 plans


Our Inbound Services provide your customers a low-cost alternative when they contact you. Whether you wish to provide the call at the cost of a local call, or offer a toll-free service, we can help.

Call us now. Or let us call you

Register your details and one of our telco consultants will call you, at a time that suits you, to answer any questions you may have. No obligation. No hassle.